Transformational Coaching with Jill

Transformational Coaching with Jill

There are many reasons why working with Jill might be a great fit for you. Many clients work on all three of these areas synergistically to maximize and accelerate their healing journey.

Holistic Health:
  • You may want to radically transform your whole life via body, mind, and spirit
  • You may want to focus on your lifestyle health challenges keeping you from leading your best life.
  • You may want substantially greater happiness and purpose in your life.
Addiction and Recovery Health:
  • You may realize you have an alcohol addiction and need support entering recovery.
  • You may be struggling to maintain your sobriety (i.e., relapsing) and need more support.
  • You may be 3-6 months sober but need help getting to the next level of healing and ultimately achieving a transformation of body, mind, and spirit.
Bioenergetic Health:
  • You may feel fatigued, lacking vitality and energy and want to see that return.
  • You embrace the idea of acupuncture, but you don’t like needles.
  • You suffer from chronic health issues that have significantly impaired your energy levels.
Regardless of the health and/or life challenges, I work with women to:
  • upgrade their healing on all levels
  • reinvent their lives 
  • remove dysfunctional patterns and habits and replace them with healthy ones 
  • foster transformative growth in body, mind, and spirit
  • create more vitality, health, and joy

Pricing and Packages

Pricing and Packages

General Individual Pricing:

$150/hr for individual 60 minute coaching session

$300/90 mins new client onboarding prep and session

$150/hr bioenergetic scan and analysis session



4-week coaching package*

1 x 90 min onboarding + 3 x 60 min-sessions

$495 ($255 off)


8-week coaching package*

1 x 90 min onboarding + 7 x 60 min-sessions

$995 ($355 off)


12-week coaching package*

1 90 min onboarding + 11 60-min sessions

$1,495 ($455 off)

*Bonus: All packages include a complementary bioenergetic scan per month (with purchase of $50 scanner).

Daily access via phone, text, or email support included.

If you have special financial considerations, please let me know.

Client Testimonials

Client Testimonials

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