Jill Rathburn, BSN, RN, PMH-BC, BCC, CPRC, RYT

Jill Rathburn, BSN, RN, PMH-BC, BCC, CPRC, RYT, is a healthcare consultant, a dedicated behavioral health advocate, and a mental health nurse specializing in Substance Use Disorder (SUD). She holds certifications as a board-certified professional recovery coach (including SheRecovers® coach) and is a trained yoga instructor (200 RYT, Y12SR). Jill’s journey includes long-term recovery from alcohol use disorder (AUD), empowering her to support women in early recovery from AUD. Her focus lies in fostering a continuum of care, aiding individuals in overcoming addictive habits and addressing the associated health challenges often linked with alcohol misuse.

Leading Innovations in Addiction Recovery and Behavioral Health Advocacy

Jill Rathburn created and taught a comprehensive evidence-based health course tailored for women in recovery, establishing herself as a subject matter expert in today’s addiction and recovery landscape. Her innovative work was spotlighted in the Holistic Nursing Practice journal, showcasing her healing model, The 5 Stages of Healing. Additionally, Jill penned the cover article in the July issue of NURSING 2022, titled Destigmatizing Alcohol Use Disorder Among Nurses, which earned the prestigious Mental Health/Mental Illness APEX Awards for Publication Excellence. Her commitment in virtual group coaching during the pandemic was recognized with the 2020 Elle Foundation Award of Excellence for her exemplary telehealth services.

In her role within behavioral health, Jill is a fervent advocate and educator for evidence-based interventions, notably championing contingency management—a rewards-based system that reinforces healthy behaviors and cultivates new habits in substance use disorder (SUD) treatment. Collaborating extensively, she engages with healthcare systems, treatment providers, SUD treatment facilities, community organizations, payers, and state health officials, fostering a collaborative approach to comprehensive care and support for those suffering from SUD and concurrent mental health disease.

Navigating Recovery Through Western and Eastern Healing Strategies

Years ago, during her early recovery journey, Jill embarked on a quest that introduced her to comprehensive healing methodologies from both Western and Eastern traditions. Initially, Jill undertook a standard 12-month course of naltrexone, an FDA-approved medication for AUD, which notably reduced cravings. Additionally, she incorporated hormone replacement therapy, significantly alleviating symptoms associated with endocrine support and bolstering brain health.

Like many navigating Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), Jill faced a myriad of health challenges resulting from prolonged alcohol misuse—struggling with insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, sugar cravings (stemming from blood sugar imbalance), gut dysbiosis (or leaky gut), hormonal imbalances, osteoporosis, and autoimmune Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Collaborating with functional medicine practitioners and other integrated healthcare experts, Jill adopted diverse evidence-based health strategies. These encompassed a dedicated “food-as-medicine” approach, comprehensive gut analysis and repair, intermittent fasting, emphasis on dental health, whole-body detoxification including heavy metal cleansing, environmental detoxification, energy-based practices such as acupuncture, reiki, and NES bioenergetic health, alongside techniques like emotional freedom technique (EFT), vagus nerve stimulation, and strength training.

In a transformative shift, Jill delved into yogic philosophy, yoga practice, and meditation, leveraging these practices to elevate her consciousness and redefine her relationship with alcohol. Subsequently, she immersed herself in understanding the science behind behavior change and habit creation—a discipline that remains integral to her current practices and professional endeavors.

Licensures and Credentials

Jill holds active nursing licenses in both Pennsylvania and Maryland, complemented by a specialized certification in psych mental health (PMH-BC). Her professional journey includes graduation from two coaching programs, culminating in her accreditation as a Board Certified Coach. Her diverse skill set also encompasses a RYT 200 yoga certification obtained from The Sattva Center in Rishikesh, India, and completion of master coursework in Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR). Furthermore, Jill is a Reiki Master and has delved into the study of NES bioenergetic energy systems.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Jill leads a dynamic life as a cyclist (former triathlete), finding solace in tending to her garden and indulging in card games—especially bridge, euchre, and pinochle.

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