Jill Rathburn, RN

Jill Rathburn, BSN, RN, BCC, CPRC, RTY is a healthcare business consultant, holistic and mental health nurse, board certified professional recovery coach (including SheRecovers® coach), bioenergetic practitioner, and yoga instructor (200 RYT, Y12SR). She is in recovery from alcohol use disorder (AUD), and has used her passion for overcoming addictive and health challenges to create a successful coaching and consulting business.

Coaching & Consulting to Improve Health and Change Habits

Jill created and taught a comprehensive holistic health course for women in recovery, and has emerged as a subject matter expert in today’s addiction and recovery marketplace. She was featured in the Holistic Nursing Practice journal on her healing model, The 5 Stages of Healing, and she also authored the cover article in the July issue of NURSING 2022, Destigmatizing Alcohol Use Disorder Among Nurses, which also featured a podcast. She received the 2020 Elle Foundation Award of Excellence for telehealth services.

In addition to offering subject matter expertise to healthcare institutions, Jill’s consulting work has returned to a familiar role in business development since she spent decades in the healthcare and pharmaceutical marketplace handling consultative sales, business and market development, relationship building, and forging partnerships. Because of her work with behavioral health and changing habits, Jill is promoting contingency management, a rewards based system to reinforce healthy behaviors and create new habits, for SUD treatment. She is aligning partnerships with healthcare systems, payers, employers, and state officials & organizations.

Recovery Journey Embraced Holistic and Behavioral Health


Years ago in early recovery, Jill embarked on a journey that led her to discover comprehensive healing approaches in both Western and Eastern modalities. Initially, Jill used yogic philosophy, yoga practice, and meditation to shift her level of consciousness and change her relationship to alcohol. Also, Jill studied the science behind changing behaviors and creating new habits, a discipline she still uses today and in all her work.

From there, Jill focused on the numerous health challenges brought on by years of alcohol misuse—namely, insomnia, fatigue, brain fog, sugar cravings, gut dysbiosis (leaky gut), hormonal imbalances, liver impairment, an autoimmune disorder, and emotional health instability. Most of these symptoms or conditions are difficult for mainstream medicine to adequately address.

Jill implemented various holistic health strategies including a dedicated food-as-medicine approach, energy work (acupuncture, reiki, NES bioenergetic health), chiropractic care, gut analysis and repair, blood-sugar balance, intermittent fasting, dental health, brain health, whole body detoxification, environmental detoxification, heavy metal cleanse, PEMF therapy, emotional freedom technique (EFT), vagus nerve stimulation, and light therapy. While all are successful approaches, they are only as good if they are part of a regular routine or habit.



Jill maintains a nursing license in Pennsylvania and Maryland with a specialty in psych mental health. She received her RYT 200 yoga certification at The Sattva Center in Rishikesh, India. She also holds a certification in Yoga of 12-Step Recovery (Y12SR) and is a Reiki Master. Jill is a cyclist and avid gardener. She loves playing cards, especially bridge, euchre, and pinochle.

Jill and her husband live in Ellicott City, Maryland.

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