Creating Your Dreams Is Easier than You Think

Setting an intention creates a pact between
you and the universe; choose wisely.


Intention: A Powerful Force for Creating New Realities


Our intention creates our reality. 

—Wayne Dyer

Did you know there is a powerful, scientifically proven strategy to changing outcomes, including making (and receiving) big changes in our own lives?

This simple but profound reality-changing force is INTENTION!

I want to clarify here what I mean—and don’t mean—by the word intention. I do not mean simply wishing for something without trusting it will happen. I also do not mean, “doing your best” to do something or change an outcome through action alone, although this certainly has its place in many scenarios. For the kind of intention used for manifesting big changes that might even seem impossible involves three essential aspects:

  1. Visualizing the outcome
  2. Believing it has happened, is happening, or will happen
  3. Feeling a strong emotion with the visual and belief

Setting an intention of this kind creates a pact between you and the universe, regardless of whether you choose one that’s good for you or not good for you. So choose wisely.

While many of you have probably heard of the Law of Attraction—and perhaps questioned whether this is some sort of metaphysical nonsense!—you might not have known that the phenomenon of believing an outcome will happen actually causing the outcome to occur has been thoroughly researched and proven in the scientific community.

There is a well documented phenomenon called the placebo effect, which is when a strong positive expectation of a particular outcome actually makes it happen. In other words, if someone thinks something is going to happen (in this case a positive expectation), it increases the likelihood that it will happen by a scientifically significant amount.

Conversely, there is a phenomenon called the nocebo effect, when a strong negative expectation of a particular outcome actually makes it happen. Again, if someone thinks something is going to happen (in this case a negative expectation), it increases the likelihood that it will happen by a scientifically significant amount..

Truly fascinating and also empowering! This demonstrates that we truly have the power to change our realities—to not just dream big, but to make those dreams come true. And the beauty of it is, it is not difficult to do! Scientists have known this for centuries, and now you do too!

Intention: A Powerful Force for Creating New Realities

So, knowing the power of intention as a manifestation tool, how can you apply this to your recovery and healing journey? You can take a few action steps, one day at a time:

1. In the morning, set your intention by writing a few sentences in your journal, or even on a sticky note, framing it with positive expectations about your day and life. Write them as if they are in progress or already achieved.

This can be about your recovery, your health, your relationships, your challenges, or your work. Make it specific to you! Examples include the following:

  • For work: “I have balanced and productive work that brings me joy and satisfaction.”
  • For challenges: “I am successfully addressing obstacles in my life that have previously mystified me.”
  • For health: “I am making great choices for my health and vitality today.”
  • For relationships: “I am a strong, resilient, and courageous woman in recovery creating healthier relationships in my life.”
  • For recovery: “I am willing to be guided with new ideas that move my recovery forward.” And “No matter what happens today, I will remain sober and embrace both the joys and challenges that come my way.”

2. Begin guided meditations. Guided meditations, including those with clear visual cues, have a profound impact on your emotional and physical well-being and can be used as tools to reboot your health and energy levels. They can also create an environment where it will be easier for you to connect to your heart’s true longings, which you can seed into your intentions. Your guided meditations should embody the state you wish to manifest, which means visualizing in the present moment as if the outcome were already achieved.

This practice will:

  • Uplift your emotions.
  • Give you a sense of calm and peacefulness.
  • Cultivate your new state of being.
  • Change your reality!

We have a beautiful guided meditation on the homepage of our website, You are welcome to it! That’s why it’s there!

3. At the end of the day, experience and express gratitude. Thank the universe for holding your intention all day, for the joys and challenges of the day, and for helping you manage and enjoy another day, alcohol-free. While expressing gratitude is not the exact same thing as stating an intention, it does reinforce the reality that things and people you love have already manifested into your life, signaling to the universe to respond with more of the same.

And finally, a reminder to keep in mind for all three of these practices (intentions, meditations, and gratitude), as stated by Niki Gratrix (a functional holistic health and bioenergetic practitioner): “The heart is a more powerful ‘manifester’ than the mind. Just thinking something you want doesn’t really cut it! You need to FEEL it.”

So, to simplify, see it, believe it, and feel it. Those are the three magic ingredients to setting big life changes into motion.

Reinforcing Intention

In addition to the three aforementioned dedicated practices for working with intentions, you can also shift other aspects of your life that will make it much easier to work with intentions and to facilitate the changes more rapidly. To the best of your ability, move towards what

  • brings you clarity,
  • is healthy for your body, and
  • adds balance and peace in your life.

Tackle this from all sides: mentally, physically, and emotionally.

This is your beautiful journey! Take control and move your life forward into a place of health, vitality, and immeasurable joy.

As always, it’s an honor to share my thoughts with you on creating intentions for your continued healing journey in recovery. Remember, with sobriety first, healing is next.

Love & Light! Namaste!





Jill is a recovery coach, a holistic health nurse, and a bioenergetic practitioner. She works with women with alcohol use disorder, with a focus on HEALING the mind, body, and spirit.

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