Bioenergetic Health: Overcoming my toughest health challenges in recovery.

Sober but sick

Once I got sober, I had assumed I would immediately feel better and regain my health.

Wow, was I mistaken!

While it was great to be free from hangovers and actually remember the details from the night before, it was clear my health was at rock bottom. I was sick in every way—my body, my mind, and even my spirit, which was fragile or, rather, empty.

My health issues were those common to decades of alcohol use: poor sleep, low energy, weight gain, sugar cravings, memory issues, poor concentration, irritability, low libido, anxiety, and depression.

Journey from conventional Western medicine to holistic-health Eastern medicine

It became clear that traditional “allopathic” medicine offered me very little guidance other than to check on standard blood lab values every 6–12 months and to offer drugs to treat symptoms. A physician even suggested my symptoms were related to my age, which was both inaccurate and insensitive.

Even as a nurse, I found myself perplexed and overwhelmed with how to navigate a path forward, but fortunately I had been exposed to holistic health and knew there was much more to explore. Like so many people before me—whether dealing with a cancer diagnosis, Lyme disease, or a mental health issue—I felt I needed to take control of my own healing journey.

So, I began working with all kinds of holistic health practitioners, and within 12 months of incorporating a clean, plant-based diet, supplements (based on careful review of lab work) daily exercise, mindfulness practice, yoga, and acupuncture, things began to improve.

I did get much better up to a point, but there were two lingering challenges that I couldn’t seem to overcome, which were brain fog and low energy/fatigue. I tried not to be discouraged, but it was frustrating.

Meanwhile, during my sessions with my acupuncturist, it was clear my energy was weak. In fact, this was a recurring theme since I began acupuncture 20 years prior, which was around the time my drinking escalated!

I theorized that the missing piece was more related to energy and less related to biochemistry. In other words, my brain fog and low energy/fatigue were likely rooted in poor energy flow (rather than, say, a lack of a supplement or green veggies). So, I turned my attention to enhancing my energetic health through yoga, reiki, breathwork, meditation, and acupuncture.

Things progressed, but only to a point.

Introduction to “modern” bioenergetic health

Then, I was introduced to the NES Health bioenergetic system at a holistic health fair in Sarasota, Florida. I scanned, began reading the results, and immediately realized I had found a solution that took the guesswork out of energetic health!
I had never seen anything like this before and thought, This is “Ancient Wisdom Meets 21st Century Technology!”


Ancient Wisdom Meets 21st Century Technology


There were many things that immediately impressed me:

  1. The simplicity: a hand placed on a scanner for 15 seconds maps out the (vast and complex!) human body field’s energy system for easy viewing on the screen. (Most body-field scans are done virtually, by the way, in the convenience of one’s home.)
  2. The accuracy: the scan identified virtually all the health issues I had been working on, such as liver, gut, energy, and memory. It picks up energy rifts before symptoms appear. This includes mapping the energy flow along the meridians, the basis of Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture. It even suggests the top-priority acupuncture points for each scan.
  3. The prioritization: The system assigns a priority level to everything scanned and identifies the areas needing the most support. This includes practical suggestions on how to improve energy sources and energetic strength and flow. This information is invaluable.
  4. The supplements: Based on the scan readings, the system recommends a protocol of 5 infoceuticals, which are structured water infused with corrective bioenergetic information. Using the supplements is what gets many clients (myself included) over their greatest and most stubborn health challenges.

As my healing had plateaued, the NES bioenergetic system jump started me back in a direction forward, and within 6 months, my fatigue and brain fog were substantially improved! Note: During this time, I did not make any other changes in my daily routine.
Once the bioenergetic system was part of my routine, I noticed my own recovery pathway progress from numerous aspects of disease to abundant health and vitality.

Because of the profound healing I experienced with this system, I decided to become an NES certified bioenergetic practitioner and incorporate this cutting-edge system into my health coaching for women in recovery from alcohol use disorder.

I’ve had such great success with using this system with my clients that in my next blog, I’ll share with you specific case studies of recovery and healing breakthroughs my clients experienced when they were using the NES Health bioenergetic system while participating in my HEALING NEXT holistic health course for women in recovery.

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